Summerland Amateur Radio Club inc. Info

414 Richmond Hill Rd. Richmond Hill, NSW, 2480, Australia.
Callsign: VK2SRC  IRLP: 6220 
Email : for info
Clubrooms open and informal get together: Sunday afternoon 1300 onwards
Committee Meetings: usually 2nd Sunday of the month, 1300 hrs
Location: Grid QG61QE  28.80° S, 153.57° E.. 

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The next committee meeting will be on Sunday10 August, at the usual time of 1300 hrs.

Also that day, will be a WICEN training morning, from 1000 hrs.. The topic is EMR compliance for portable operations. All are welcome to attend what should be an enlightening session, led by Duncan VK2DLR. Also Chtis VK2ACD will discuss some operational matters and also if there is time, show how to electronically fill in pdf forms, and modify, edit and extract items from a pdf document. There will be a formal meeting of WICEN NR at about 1200 hrs, folowed by lunch before the SARC meeting.



The new address for the club is

Mail to this address will go to all committee members.



The big news is that the long-awaited SARC shop will be open for busnesss every Sunday from 1 to 4 pm. At this early stage, we have a limited range of cable and small components for sale, but eventually this will expand to include sale of second-hand goods. Terms will be cash only, except that cheques from members are OK.

Also featured in the shop are back copies of magazines, some of which are extremely rare and include first editions.

The first release is of Silicon Chip issues from 1988 to 1992. These are all "pre-read" but in good condition. The price is $4 each for members, $4.50 non-members. Note that this is much cheaper than buying back issues from the publishers ($12 each) and also note that our first release is listed by them as sold out. As at June 1, we have almost all months available, in most cases only one copy, so get in quick. Orders can be made by email - first in best dressed. Payment can be made by direct deposit to the SARC account. To order, send email to

Also we will be releasing  copies of the classic magazine, Radio TV and Hobbies. These will be made available  gradually, with only one copy per person, for the issue of the month of their birth. Stay tuned for this very llimited,offer.





There have been a few changes to the dates for some SARC events.

A revised COLOUR calendar for the SARC year is available - download it here



Join SARC and support the club financially. Only $15 to join in July (for membership to end of the year)

Download a membership brochure here